why do I fear?

3383482427_ec86764207_b large
Rouault’s Christ And The Apostles, photo by Ben Sutherland

Why do I fear?
God is here,
deep within-
covering nakedness,
mothering boldness,
sustaining exuberance,
restraining insolence,
siring insight,
firing lovelight,
fulfilling hollowness,
instilling hallowedness
of lung, limb, and life
with tongued fire and crossed strife-
through Christ’s indwelling,
outwelling, sorrow-quelling,
joy-swelling victory-
warm love straining
to be heard, to be loved,
yet quiet as a craning ear in silent expectation,
as simple and lonely as a man’s sigh,
as rich and crowded as God’s sea
in which I swim to eternity
alone in crowded company-
I, a mere glint in God’s light,
a mere hint of his might,
yet having the mint of his Son on my heart:
a cross sweeping to God’s glorying
and a love flaming with God’s worrying-
Christ about me,
in me,
with me,
today the darkening fierce joy of God’s sorrow
and then the tranquil swift dawn of God’s

Why, then, do I fear?
God is here,

   deep within,
   Life grandly vibrant,
   Love scandalously flagrant,
   yet heart quietly homing
   and Lord wisely lording.

   But, then, -why do I fear?
   …fear …fear …fear

David J. Hassel, SJ, 1923-1992, Philosophy Professor at Loyola University


And because we are his children,
God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts,
prompting us to call out,
“Abba, Father.”

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