So, I’m Eric Mathews, and I enjoy reading Christian prayers, finding related scriptures, then adding an image to tie everything together.  Some posts work better than others, but if nothing else this hobby keeps me out of trouble.

The purpose of my blog is to provide a resource of prayers that have been crafted throughout the centuries from an abundance of voices and traditions.  I try to follow the church calendar from Advent through Easter and beyond through “ordinary time” while also mixing in prayer reflections from the Sunday sermon or whatever else I find meaningful. My hope is that you might re-pray these, considering the interactions between the prayer, verse and image.  Suggestions and comments are always welcome.

The pictures are largely found using google images or unsplash.  I try to make sure they are labeled for reuse or are in the public domain.  If I’ve used a source or image inappropriately, please let me know and I will make corrections.

Originally from NW FL, I now reside in SE MA.  I have a wife and two teenage daughters and work in the medical device industry.  My interests include modern classical and jazz music, homeless ministry, English football, small groups, and red wine, not necessarily in that order.

edm face

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