The Easter Exultet

Christ Ceiling Painting Jesus Catholic Resurrection
Christ Ceiling Painting via Max Pixel

On this night we sing to Jesus, the true Lamb of God,
    who makes death to pass over all
    who are marked with his blood.
Alleluia, Christ is risen, let the heavens make it known!
Alleluia, all creation rejoice round God’s throne,
    God’s throne, God’s throne,
alleluia, let the trumpet of peace now be blown!

On this night God leads us over by the power of his hand
    out of slavery into freedom in his long-promised land.
Alleluia, Christ is risen, let the earth now be bright!
Alleluia, sin is powerless, and God brings us his light,
    his light, his light,
alleluia, sing to Jesus, who conquers death’s night!

On this night the earth and heaven are wedded again –
    may our candle shine for Jesus til he comes here to reign.
Alleluia, Christ is risen, Mother Church, sing his praise!
Alleluia, may he shine on our lives with his rays,
    his rays, his rays,
alleluia, serving Christ for the rest of our days.

The Easter Exultet, 7th century, translated by Michael Counsel


And with great power the apostles were giving their testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great grace was upon them all.

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