Give them their daily bread

image / needpix

Lord, when we say ‘Give us today our daily bread,’
  may we remember our brothers and sisters
  who live below the poverty line
  and pray, ‘Give them today their daily bread.’
Give us the wisdom and courage to challenge the policies and structures
  which make the poor even poorer,
  while we have more than enough.
Grant us such deep compassion that we will not rest
  while surplus food rots in one part of the world,
  and families starve in another;
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for government

O God, almighty Father,
King of kings and Lord of all our rulers,
grant that the hearts and minds
of all who go out as leaders before us,
the statesmen, the judges,
the men of learning, and the men of wealth,
may be so filled with “the love of thy laws,”
and of that which is righteous and life-giving,
that they may serve as wholesome salt of the earth
and be worthy servants of thy good and perfect gifts;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.
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