I ask you to move the stone

Lord God almighty, I come down here this morning to tell you that I have reached the end of my rope, and I want you to take a hold of it.  I have come to the bottom of the well, Lord.  My well that was full of water has now become dry.
I come down here, Lord, because I don’t have anywhere else to go.  I come down here knowing I have no right, but I have a heavy need.  I’m suffering, Lord, my body is heavy like I’m carrying a stone.  I come to ask you to move the stone, Jesus.  Please move the stone!  I come down here, Lord, to ask you to come by here, Lord, to ask you to come by here, Lord.  Please come by here!
We can’t go on like this any longer, Lord.  We can’t keep on fighting and fussing and cussing and hating like this, Lord.  You have been too good to us.  We’ve done wrong, Lord, I know we’ve done wrong.  I’m not going to say we haven’t done wrong, and I’m not going to promise we might not do wrong again, because Lord, we are nothing but sinful human flesh, nothing but dust.  We are evil people in a wicked world, but I’m asking you to let your forgiving love cover our sin, Lord.
Let your peace come into our hearts again, Lord, and we will try to try to stay on our knees and follow the road You lay before us.  
Come by here, Lord, come by here, if you please.  And Lord, I want to thank You, Jesus, for moving the stone!

Margaret Abigail Walker Alexander, 1915-1988, American poet 


Psalm 103:13-14

The Lord is like a father to his children,
    tender and compassionate to those who fear him.
For he knows how weak we are;
    he remembers we are only dust.

image / Wallpaper Flare

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