without you I am nothing

I call upon you, O God – you who created me,
   and who did not forget me when I forgot you.
Let me know you – you who are the only one
   who truly knows me.
Come into my soul,
   because you are the power that makes my soul live.
Make me fit to belong to you,
   because that is my only hope.
Enter my heart,
   because by inspiring me to long for you,
   you make me ready to be your bride.
When I was far from you,
   you persuaded me to listen to your voice
   and turn back to you.
I called to you for help,
   but all the time you were calling me to yourself.
You blotted out all my sins,
   instead of punishing me as I deserved.
I was nothing.
You had no need of me.
Even now my service had not even the value
  of a labourer tilling his master’s land,
because even if I did not work,
  you would bring forth the same harvest.
I can only serve you and worship you
  with the good that comes from you.
It is from you alone that I receive my strength,
  and without you I am nothing.

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