instruct my speech


image  Thomas Aquinas, uploaded by Polmars at French Wikipedia
O creator past all telling, you have appointed
   from the treasures of your wisdom the hierarchies of angels,
   disposing them in wondrous order above the bright heavens,
   and have so beautifully set out all parts of the universe.
Be pleased to shed on the darkness of mind in which I was born,
   the twofold beam of your light and warmth
   to dispel my ignorance and sin.
You make eloquent the tongues of children.
Then instruct my speech and touch my lips with graciousness.
Make me keen to understand, quick to learn, able to remember;
   make me delicate to interpret and ready to speak.
Guide my going in and going forward, lead home my going forth.
You are true God and true man, and live forever and ever.

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mysterious trust

God our God,
Creator, Redeemer, Inspirer,
we trust your Mystery.

You are the end
before the beginning,
the flower
preceding seed
You are the fruit
before the tree,
the necessity
within our need.
You are the purpose
preceding patterns,
the pure Word
before all speech.
You are the meaning
between the lines,
the finding
before our seeking.
You are the past
we cannot leave,
the pre-life
that dies to live.

God our God,
Creator, Redeemer, Inspirer,
We adore your Mystery!

Bruce Prewer, retired minister in Australia

Isaiah 26:3-4 
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