Daily Bread

You desire me, O Lord, to look to you for my every need.
And in looking to you, I know that you will provide me
with bread to eat, clothes to wear, and a warm place to rest.
But it is not only material bread which you provide;
you give also spiritual bread.
Whenever I eat the bread of Holy Communion,
I am reminded that your Son gave his body to die on the cross,
to give me spiritual food for all eternity.
And in this phrase, I note that it is not ‘me’ for whom I pray, but ‘us.’
You do not want me ever to pray selfishly,
but always to pray for others’ needs,
because only through such mutual charity
do I become fit to receive the true bread of eternal life.

Charles de Foucauld, 1858 – 1916, French Catholic priest who lived among the Tuareg in the Sahara of Algeria
2000 Years of Prayer 


Matthew 6:11 

Give us this day our daily bread

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