dear children of yours

Martin Luther by Lucas Cranach the Elder, 1520

Lord God, heavenly Father,
we know that we are dear children of yours
and that you are our beloved Father,
   not because we deserve it,
   nor ever could we merit it,
but because our dear Lord,
   your only begotten Son, Jesus Christ,
   wills to be our brother,
and of his own accord
   offers and makes this blessing known to us.
Since we may consider ourselves his brothers and sisters
   and he regards us as such,
you will permit us to become and remain
your children for ever.

Martin Luther, 1483 – 1546, German reformer


John 1:12-13

Yet some people accepted him
   and put their faith in him.
So he gave them the right
   to be the children of God.
They were not God’s children
by nature
or because
   of any human desires.
God himself was the one
   who made them his children.

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