Joseph, walk with me

The Dream of St. Joseph by Anton Raphael Mengs, c. 1773 

Help us to walk with Joseph
   into the darkness,
   the not knowing.
Having to marry the mystery
   before everything else.
Surrendering all claim
   to outcomes or knowledge of them,
committing to the love at hand,
   and it was enough.
The very undoing that confounded him
   was the love that found him.
The answer he sought was no answer,
   but only presence,
this woman who also could not be afraid,
this child who could not be revealed
   until after he said yes,
this God, who was not at the end of the journey
   but his companion on the journey
   and the dark road itself, Emmanuel.

We have to say yes
   before anything, don’t we?
Joseph, walk with me.

after Steve Garnaas-Holmes, Methodist pastor in Massachusetts


 Joseph, son of David,
          do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife.

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