Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we adore you

image by Andrei Rublev, c.1400 via Wikimedia Commons

God the Father, God beyond us, we adore you.
   You are the depth of all that is.
   You are the ground of our being.
   We can never grasp you,
      yet you grasp us;
   The universe speaks of you to us,
      and your love comes to us through Jesus.
God the Son, God beside us, we adore you.
   You are the perfection of humanity.
   You have shown us what human life should be like.
   In you we see divine love and human greatness combined.
God the Spirit, God around us, we adore you.
   You draw us to Jesus and the Father.
   You are power within us.
   You give abundant life and can make us the men and women
      we are meant to be.
Father, Son, and Spirit;
God, beyond, beside, and around us;
We adore you.

Caryl Micklem, 1925 – 2003, English minister and hymn writer


The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ
   and the love of God
   and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
   be with you all.

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