What can I offer to the Lord for all his goodness?

Hannah in the temple, Samuel’s prayer testing, by Rembrandt (Werkstatt), via Wikimedia Commons

Oh my Father,
   let me thank you for your mercies shown to me,
   that you have drawn me to yourself with cords of love.
What can I offer to the Lord for all his goodness?
I would fulfill my promises to him this day.
I would dedicate my life to him.
I would live with a single mind to his service.
Yet, O my Savior, you who have borne our human nature
   know how weak we are,
   how utterly unable to do anything of ourselves.
You will pity me and support me.
Oh my Father in heaven
   enable me daily to offer up
   fervent prayers to your throne of mercy
   from which no one ever went away empty.
Enable me to feel that what you have promised
   you will surely perform.
Lord, who can we trust, if not in you?

Mary Ann Randolph Custis Lee, 1807-1873, wife of Gen. Robert E. Lee
Seasons of Devotion, freely modified


What shall I return to the Lord
    for all his goodness to me?
I will lift up the cup of salvation
    and call on the name of the Lord.
I will fulfill my vows to the Lord
    in the presence of all his people.

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