May the wall that divide be broken down

Jarena Lee, By Lithograph by P.S. Duval, from life by A. Huffy, via Wikimedia Commons

Master, I know you are no respecter of person.
May the partition walls that divide your sincere followers
   be broken down by the spirit of love.
Though in a slave country, I know, Omnipresent one,
   that you are with me.
He who fears God and works righteousness
   shall be accepted by him,
   not he who has a different skin,
   not he who belongs to this denomination, or to that,
   but he who fears God.

Jarena Lee, 1783-1864, African American female preacher


For he himself is our peace,
   who has made the two groups one
   and has destroyed the barrier,
the dividing wall of hostility

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