because of Christ’s resurrection

Resurrection of Jesus Christ by Rafael, c. 1500, via Wikimedia Commons

O God, by whose power Christ was raised from the dead,
so that the worst that men could do had no dominion over him,
lay your hand in loving tenderness on all who need this message most.
Because the Son of Man came to seek and to save that which was lost,
we pray –
   For those who have lost their dear ones and whose hearts are sad;
   For those who have lost their health and vitality;
   For those who have lost their youth;
   For those who have lost their livelihood;
   For those who have lost opportunities;
   For those who have lost patience;
   For those who lave lost their faith;
   For all, we pray, who are wounded in the battle of life
      and are nigh unto despair.
Give us all such a vision of Christ’s risen glory
   that we, too, may trust his power.
   that we, too, may know nothing can separate us
      from your loving purposes or finally defeat your will.
So may we rise us from all our distress and despair and take heart again;
   walk with Christ the companion of our souls,
   so whatever lies in store for us,
   to find at last that faith has its own reward,
   that we have not missed our way,
that the Son of Man came to seek and to save
   that which seemed lost forever,
We ask it though Jesus Christ our Lord.

Leslie D. Weatherhead, 1883-1975, English protestant theologian


We know that God, who raised the Lord Jesus,
   will also raise us with Jesus and present us to himself together with you.
All of this is for your benefit.
And as God’s grace reaches more and more people,
   there will be great thanksgiving,
   and God will receive more and more glory.

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