joyful reflections

Church of St. Brendan by Andreas F. Borchert [CC BY-SA 3.0] via wikimedia commons

All your ways of mercy tend to and end in my delight.
You cried, sorrowed and suffered that I might rejoice.
For my joy you have sent the Comforter,
                       multiplied you promises,
                       shown me my future happiness,
                       given me a living foundation.
You are preparing joy for me and me for joy;
I pray for joy, wait for joy, long for joy;
   give me more than I can hold, desire, or imagine,
Measure out to me my times and degrees of joy,
   at my work, business and duties.
If I weep at night, give me joy in the morning.
Let me rest in the thought of your love,
         pardon for sin,
         my title to heaven,
         my future unspotted state.
I am an unworthy recipient of your grace.
I often have little respect for your blood and spurn your love,
   but when I repent I can draw water
      from the wells of your joyous forgiveness.
Let my heart leap towards the eternal sabbath,
   where the work of redemption, sanctification, preservation, glorification
      is finished and perfected for ever,
   where you will rejoice over me with joy.
There is no joy like the joy of heaven,
   for in that state there are no sad divisions, unchristian quarrels,
            contentions, evil designs,
            weariness, hunger, cold,
            sadness, sin, suffering,
            persecutions, toils of duty
O healthful place where none are sick!
O happy land where all are kings!
O holy assembly where all are priests!
How free a state where none are servants except to you!
Bring me speedily to the land of joy.

The Valley of Vision A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions, slightly updated


Shout for joy to God, all the earth!
Sing the glory of his name;
    make his praise glorious.
Say to God, “How awesome are your deeds!
    So great is your power
    that your enemies cringe before you.
All the earth bows down to you;
    they sing praise to you,
    they sing the praises of your name.

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