Lord of my life, watch over me

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Lord of my origin,
  draw me closer to you;
Lord of my calling,
  give me strength to go on;
Lord of my faith,
  preserve me from doubt;
Lord of my hope,
  keep me from despair;
Lord of my love,
  let me never grow cold;
Lord of my past,
  may I never forget you;
Lord of my present,
  be near me always;
Lord of my future,
  keep me faithful to the end;
Lord of my life,
  let me live in your presence;
Lord of my death,
  receive me at last;
Lord of my eternity,
  bless me forever.

Fr Eric Doyle OFM, 1938 – 1984, English Franciscan


The Lord will watch over your coming and going
    both now and forevermore.


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