relying on Christ

image by skalekar1992 via pixabay

O my Lord and Savior, in your arms I am safe
    keep me and I have nothing to fear
    give me up and I have nothing to hope for.
I do not know what will happen to me before I die.
I know nothing about the future
    but I rely upon you.
I ask you to give me what is good for me
   and I ask you to take away
        whatever may imperil my salvation.
I ask you not to make me rich,
    and I ask you not to make me very poor
    but I leave it all to you
    because you know, and I do not.
If you bring pain or sorrow on me
    give me grace to bear it well –
    keep me from fretfulness and selfishness.
If you give me health and strength and success in this world
    keep me ever on my guard
    lest these great gifts carry me away from you.
O Lord, who died on the Cross for me
    even for me, sinner as I am
    allow me to know you, to believe in you
    to love you, to serve you
    always with the goal of increasing your glory
    to live unto you and for you
    to set a good example to everyone around me.
Allow me to die at the best time and in the best way
    that would bring you the most glory
    and secure my salvation.

John Henry Newman, 1801-1890, English Catholic priest, theologian and poet
freely modified


Behold, God is my salvation;
I will trust, and will not be afraid;
for the Lord God is my strength and my song,
and he has become my salvation.

3 thoughts on “relying on Christ

  1. Well good morning, my son! Not sure I believe “If you bring pain and sorrow on me” because we are all flawed and live in a fallen world where pain and sorrow are a part of this life on earth. Your view? Love you.

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