receiving and showing mercy

mohamad-babayan-50C3JVdukaE-unsplash (2)
Photo by Mohamad Babayan on Unsplash  

God, you are merciful to us
in all our doings, good and bad.
You do not insist on your right
but acquit us
and accept us –
everything is possible with you.
Give us the spirit
to follow you,
make us merciful to each other
so that the world may know
who you are:
nothing but love, our Father,
You watch over your creation,
a shepherd
with whom all living things are safe.
You know us all
and keep us
wherever we move.
O God, do this,
we ask you,
all the days of our lives –
may we never want
and may we enter your rest
and know your peace.
Today and every day
of our lives.

Huub Oosterhuis, 1933- , Dutch Jesuit theologian and poet


Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.

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