abide in us


We pray you, Lord, to purify our hearts
   that they may be worthy to become your dwelling place.
Let us never fail to find room for you,
   but come and abide in us,
   that we also may abide in you,
for at this time you were born into the world for us,
and live and reign,
King of kings and Lord of lords,
now and for ever.

William Temple, 1881-1944, English archbishop and social reformer

Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him


3 thoughts on “abide in us

  1. Terri, I’m an engineer by trade and my writing style is technical and clumsy (unlike your prose). Maybe when I have more time, I might try my hand at writing commentary, but for now I let the reader figure out any connections. My primary hope is that people will re-pray the prayer and let the verse sink in a little, while staying out of the way. Thanks for the suggestion.


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