My Deliverer


You have made me, O Lord, when I was not,
   and that according to your own image.
You from the very first instant of my being have been
      My God,
      My Father,
      My Deliverer, and
      All my Good.
You, with the benefits of your providence,
   have preserved my life even till this present.
   O, let it be spent in your service!
Bestow on me, O Lord,
   your fear, sorrow of heart,
   humility, and a conscience free from all sin.
Grant me grace, O Lord, that I may be always able
   to live in charity with my brethren;
   not forgetting my own sins,
   or prying into the sins or doings of other men.
      Visit me weakened;
      Cure me diseased;
      Refresh me wearied;
      Raise me dead.
Grant me, O Lord, a heart that may fear you,
   a mind that may love you,
   a sense that may conceive you,
   eyes that may see you.
Give me, O Lord, discretion
   to be able to discern between good and evil,
   and endow me with an understanding ever watchful.

Augustine Baker, 1575 – 1641, English Benedictine mystic and ascetic writer
slightly modified


God chose what is low and despised in the world,
   even things that are not,
   to bring to nothing things that are,
so that no human being might boast in the presence of God.
And because of him you are in Christ Jesus,
   who became to us wisdom from God,
   righteousness and sanctification and redemption

One thought on “My Deliverer

  1. Eric. I had to read this rich prayer a few times to allow it to sink in deep. I appreciate your choice of art and pictures with each day’s prayer as well.


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