to be a conscientious boss


Boss Balloons by Bart Everson

Father, in the name of Jesus, I resolve to be as conscientious and responsible toward those who work for me as I expect them to be toward me. I will not misuse the power over others that has been placed in my hands, and I will not forget that I am responsible myself to a heavenly Supervisor Who makes no distinction between employer and employee.
As an employer I realize that my responsibility is to be just and fair toward those I employ. I purpose always to maintain the habit of prayer for them: to be alert and thankful as I pray for each person to find favor with You and with man. Help me always to give honor where honor is due.
Give me Your discernment for those with whom I labor, that I might see their hidden potential and draw it out, helping them to become all that You created them to be.
I value my employees as persons called of You for their appointed tasks. I thank You for their abilities and talents, and I ask You to make me sensitive to their spiritual and emotional needs. Although I could be bold and order my associates to do what they ought to do, help me to appeal to them always on the basis of Your love.
Thank You for Your power and ability, which enable me to do unto them as I would have them do unto me. Help me to follow Jesus as my example in all that I say and do.
In His name I pray, amen.

Germaine Copeland, founder of Word Ministries


Ephesians 6:9

And as for you employers, be as conscientious and responsible towards those who serve you as you expect them to be towards you, neither misusing the power over others that has been put in your hands, nor forgetting that you are responsible yourselves to a heavenly employer who makes no distinction between master and man.


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