O flame of the Holy Spirit

Holy Trinity Column, Czech Republic, 1754, photo by Jan Kameníček

O flame of the Holy Spirit,
    you pierce the very substance of my soul
    and cauterize it with your heat.
You love me so much, that you have put into my heart
    the hope and the knowledge of eternal life.
Earlier my prayers never reached your ears,
    because my love was so weak and impure;
    so although I yearned for you,
    and begged you to warm my cold heart,
    you could not hear me.
But now you have chosen  to come to me,
    and my love burns with such passion
    that I know you hear my every prayer.
I pray what you want me to pray;
  I desire what you want me to desire;
    I do what you want me to do.
You have freed me to be your slave.

St. John of the Cross, 1542-1591, Spanish mystic and reformer


But you, beloved,
   building yourselves up in your most holy faith
   and praying in the Holy Spirit,
keep yourselves in the love of God,
   waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ
   that leads to eternal life.

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