the task of transforming this world

wall in El Salvador by By Alison McKellar from Camden, Maine, USA (CIMG0010.JPG  Uploaded by Gary Dee) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

I believe, Lord,
that everything good in the world
comes from you.
I believe in your great love for all people.
I believe that, because you preached love,
freedom and justice,
you were humiliated,
tortured and killed.

I believe that you continue
to suffer in our people …
I believe that you call me
to defend your cause,
but I also believe that you accompany me
in the task of transforming this world
into a different one
where there is no suffering or weeping;
a world where there is a gigantic table
set with free food
where everyone is welcome.

I believe that you accompany us
in waiting for the dawning of a new day.
I believe that you will give us strength
so that death does not find us
without having done enough,
and that you will rise
in those who have died seeking a different world.

A peasant woman, El Salvador


Turn from evil and do good;
    then you will dwell in the land forever.
For the Lord loves the just
    and will not forsake his faithful ones.
Wrongdoers will be completely destroyed;
    the offspring of the wicked will perish.
The righteous will inherit the land
    and dwell in it forever.

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