In you, risen Jesus

The Resurrection of Christ by Peter Paul Rubens, c.1611 via Wikimedia Commons

Power came from heaven to raise you from death,
So that we and all creatures could see you.
All living things gather round you at Easter.
There is joy, honor, celebrations, delight.

The darkness of death is driven away.
Life is restored everywhere.
The gates of heaven are thrown open.
In you, risen Jesus, God has shown us himself,
So we can rise to him as gods.
The gates of hell are shattered.
In you, risen Jesus, those already dead rise to life,
Affirmivng the good news of eternal life.
Now your promise has been fulfilled.
Now the earth is singing and dancing
Easter is our marriage ceremony.
At Easter, dear Jesus, you make us your brides
Sealing the union with your Spirit.
The great marriage hall is full of guests,
All dressed for the wedding.
No one is rejected for want of a wedding dress.
We come to you as spiritual virgins,
Our lamps are fresh and bright, with ample oil,
The light within our souls will never go out.
The fire of grace burns in us all.

We pray you, our sovereign Christ,
Stretch out your strong hands over your whole church
And over all your faithful people.
Defend, protect, and preserve them,
Fight and do battle for them,
Subdue the invisible powers that oppose them.
Raise now the sign of victory over us
And grant that we may sing the song of triumph.
May you rule for ever and ever.

Hippolytus of Rome, 170-235, priest and theologian


We know that God, who raised the Lord Jesus,
will also raise us with Jesus and
present us to himself together with you.
All of this is for your benefit.
And as God’s grace reaches more and more people,
there will be great thanksgiving,
and God will receive more and more glory.




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