your warm gracious greeting

Christ and the two Marys by William Holman Hunt, via Wikimedia Commons

Jesus, when you met the women on that Easter morning
   you did not frighten them with power
   but came before them with the ardor of your love.
You did not startle them with your authority
   but greeted them warmly.
You bound them with the covenant of the bridegroom
   not with the right of the ruler.
You honored them with the love of a brother.
You greeted them with a gracious salvation.

At one time you said to your disciples,
   “Salute no one on the road.”
So why is it that here along the way
   you were so quick to salute them?
You did not wait to be recognized.
You did not demand to be understood.
You did not allow yourself to be questioned.
Rather you extended your greeting immediately, enthusiastically
   because the force of your love overcomes and surpasses all.

after Peter Chrysologus, 380 – c. 450 Bishop of Ravenna


So the women hurried away from the tomb,
afraid yet filled with joy, and ran to tell his disciples.
Suddenly Jesus met them.
“Greetings,” he said.
They came to him, clasped his feet and worshiped him.

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