pour out abundant grace

image CC0 Public Domain

We expect nothing, God,
  from ourselves
  and everything that we have
  comes from you.
We are dependent on your love
  and your kindness.
Treat us well –
  do not measure out your grace,
  but give us your own power of life,
  your Son Jesus Christ,
  mercy and faithfulness
  more than we can imagine
  today and all the days
  of our lives.
We are the work of your hands, O God.
You, Lord, have made us and love us.
All our life is your gift,
  all your power was in
  our creation
  and thus you will go on giving to us
  grace upon grace.
What more need we hope for
  from you?
This certainty – God –
  is good enough for us.

Huub Oosterhuis,  1933- , Dutch Jesuit theologian and poet


Indeed, we have all received grace upon grace from his fullness,
  for the law was given through Moses;
  grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

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