our seeking God

The Creation of Adam

Our Father, sometimes you seem so far away,
   as if you are a God in hiding,
   as if you are determined to elude all who seek you.
Yet we know that you are far more willing to be found
   than we are to seek.
You have promised “If you seek me with all your heart,
   you will surely find me”,
And have you not assured us that you are with us always?
Help us now to be aware of your nearness
   as we are of the material things of every day.
Help us to recognize your voice with as much assurance
   as we recognize the sounds of the world around us.
We would find you now in the privacy of our hearts,
   in the quiet of this moment.
We would know, our Father, that you are near us and beside us;
   that you love us and are interested in all that we do,
   are concerned about all our affairs.
May we become aware of your companionship,
   of him who walks beside us.
At times when we feel forsaken, may we know the presence
   of the Holy Spirit who brings comfort to all human hearts,
   when we are willing to surrender ourselves.
May we be convinced that even before we reach up to you,
   you are reaching down to us.

Peter Marshall, 1902 – 1949, Scottish-American pastor and Chaplain of the United States Senate, slightly modified


The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.

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